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Teltonika BTSID1- Eye Beacon

Perfect for traceability use cases, delivery tracking, monitoring of various movable objects in logistics (trailers, containers), agriculture (tractor attachments), and constructions (tools and inventory). The device is fully compatible with the Teltonika firmware platform which provides extended functionality. Configure, scan, and update anytime anywhere with a dedicated Teltonika mobile app

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Teltonika BTSID1- Eye Beacon

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Product Specification


Beacon ID
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions 56,6 mm x 38 mm x 13 mm
Weight 18g
Battery and power
Model CR2450
Type Type Lithium, Manganese Dioxide
Total Capacity 600 mAh
Replaceable No
Battery life (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 3 s) 2.5+ years
Battery life (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 5 s), default 4+ years
Battery life (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 10 s) 5+ years
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 compliant,Bluetooth 5.2 certified
Range 80 m
Available transmission power levels Up to 8 dBm
Sensitivity -88 dBm
Protection IP67
Mounting Two holes to screw/leash/strip, tape
Customization Custom logo upon request (Special conditions)
Environmental Requirements
Humidity (non-condensing) From 0% to 100%
Operational temperature -20°C / +60°C (-4°F / +140°F)
Protocols compatibility
iBeacon Yes*iOS doesn’t show devices with iBeacon protocol
Eddystone Yes
EYE Sensor No


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Beacon ID


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